The other week I came across some work being done by Botnik and Botnik Studios to create strange new things with machine learning. The creation that caught my eye was a chapter for an entirely new Harry Potter book made using a predictive text algorithm like you might find attached to a cell phone keyboard. By training the algorithm on the text of Harry Potter they were able to produce new dialogue and narration that seemed like the original Harry Potter, but is completely new and bizarre.

This shows an interesting angle for the use of machine learning. Instead of the algorithm being the end point, it is a tool that humans can use to create new works of art. Botnik Studios is doing a great job of highlighting some of the work that is being produced by their community. I highly recommend looking through their collection as it ranges from books and movie scripts to motivational posters. Also, take a look at the predictive text app they’ve made available. You can use some of their pre-trained algorithms or upload a text file of your own. My personal favorite might have been the Toby from West Wing simulator. Enjoy!